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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Announcing – where Lindz and I plan to chronicle this whole wedding/ rest of our lives thing.  We’re planning to add lots, but for now you can go there to find out why we chose

I’d also like to encourage you to register for an account so that you can leave comments and vote on eventual polls.


Terror at Brock University

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

media1.jpegApparently white powder was found in two locations at Brock today. I snapped a few pictures of the action with my phone and was able to learn a little bit from colleagues.

From what I can tell the two packages that were found, which I hear was “Protien Powder”, in the Walker complex and on the 12th (or 13th) floor of the Shmon Tower.

The interesting part was all of Brock’s web pages (including WebCT) slowed to a crawl as the world tried to find out what was going on at Brock.

I’m sure I’ll learn more tomorrow, what I do know is the Mackenzie Chown is four stories tall – so I’m a little worried about the CBC or Canadian Press reporter filed this:

The package was apparently found on the 12th floor of the school’s Mackenzie Chown complex in the heart of the campus. – Powder-filled envelope prompts decontaminations at Brock U,

media1.jpegThe article also goes on to say that “The building is home to the university’s faculty association and academic computing facilities.” which is true. This makes me worry that this reporter might just be wondering the odly layed out (it’s all on a 45′ angles, not 90′ angles with a ground floor with offices numbered 200+ ) reading off office names over a cell phone hoping to find an exit or stair way to the 12th floor.

Here’s offcial word from Brock’s communications office: Suspicious Envelope Discovered at Brock University Determined to be Non-Harm Causing

UPDATE: Looks like that reporter made it out, the CBC’s article now says:

The package was opened at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday on the 12th floor of the school’s Arthur Schmon Tower, located in the Thistle Complex at the centre of the university campus in St. Catharines, Ont. – Powder-filled envelope prompts decontaminations at Brock U,

Steve Barkey

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Steve Barkey died last week.

Steve BarkeyHe was a great guy. As clichéd as that sounds, as much as it seems like an understatement, or the praise that could be attached to any name – Steve made himself great.

He was the kind of guy who was always up for a good laugh and really wanted to make you laugh. Steve and a smile were never far apart. He wouldn’t miss a chance to share a compliment, an answer or a hand and always had an insightful point. I certainly felt like I was an important part of his life, outside of my family, he’s made the most comments on my blog. ( So you know about FireFox…., Goodbye Gentoo – putting the Fedora on, TechTV Meetup, Laptop Rearview Mirror)

The life that was cut short had all the indications of being one we could all look back on with pride, instead we’re left reflecting on a impressive overture followed by an abruptly ended first act.

There are a lot of things I’ll never be able to think of without thinking of Steve [and so much the better]: Pontiac 6000, Acura CL, creative ways to operate a car horn, Comm. Tech. @ MDHS, The Pumpkin’s Adore album, Sax-a-ma-phone, Win Amp and joy sticks, DELL’s offices, TechTV meet-ups, and many more things I’m sure to discover.

Lastly, to conclude my thoughts on a less serious tone; perhaps the most shocking thing about this is I never thought I’d refer to Steve Barkey and short in the same sentence.


Matt and Lindsay Engaged

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Lindsay and I are engaged!

DSC00785b.jpgThis past Saturday (September 2nd) Lindsay was down visiting me in St. Catharines. We had watched repeats of tennis games all morning, at one point Lindz even commented on how fast my heart was beating. After lunch I suggested that we go down to the falls for the rest of the afternoon. Lindz thought that a trip to Chapters was a far more appropriate idea considering the amount of rain coming down, but I insisted and dressed in a proper shirt and pants while she slipped into her weather-appropriate LuLu-Lemon sweats, hoodie and baseball cap.

On the drive down Lindsay clearly thought this was an odd choice for a rainy day activity but I assured her we could see the falls from the dry car and she had the idea to go on the new fairs-wheel and to visit the casino. As we lined up for the fairs-wheel and I thought “just the two of us, great view, this might be the time” but we then got in our condoler only to have the AC system drip on our heads.

IMG_5389.jpgOur next activity was to visit the Niagara Casino and Lindz won $18 and was given a handful of change by some nice old lady who must have been a departing American tourist. I let Lindsay know that it was her lucky day.

I then told Lindz that I was hungry and that we should go get supper. As we walked past the car Lindz asked “where are we going?” – “I made reservations.” – “where?” – “up there.” was my response pointing towards the Skylon tower. Lindz latter told me that she had an inkling that something special was about to happen, but was pretty sure I wouldn’t pop the question with her in baseball cap.