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Updates from the PassNerd

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

My web site has had some recent updates.

Here’s what to look for:

  • There’s a new complexity picker.
  • The site has got even more light-weight and should load even faster than before.
  • There is a new mobile version ( preview it at )
  • You can enter the password length into the URL, for example: 6 characters , 12 , 32 — worth bookmarking.

The site still is a quick way to have a scure password suggested to you from work done one YOUR computer, not “my” end. I created the site as a service to those who need it, and it makes pennies a year, but one of these days if it earns enough I’ll create an HTTPS version – but I want to stress that it’s just as secure without it because it uses JavaScript on YOUR computer’s end to create the password.

I’m always looking for suggestions or feedback from anyone that is willing to share them.

Building the Baby’s Room

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

After a lot of planning, sawing, hammering and a little bit of screwing [up] it is finally ready. I think I had a good plan and I benefited from [grand]dad’s experience.

In the interest of practicing what I teach I modeled two walls worth of wainscotting in the tiny room via Google SketchUp. It helped to both visualize the plan and explain it to Lindsay and my dad. The SketchUp model also helped when it game to dividing space evenly and dealing with the irrational system the is the imperial measuring system.


If anyone else is interested in a simple wainscotting plan, here’s the Google SketchUp plans and the Home Depot suplies:

Full gallery can be found here

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The raised parts are 3/4″ x 36″ 1/2″ Primed Fiberboard mounted on 1/4″x48″x96″ STD Hardboard. It was cutdown at Home Depot to 1/4″x 37″ x96″ – both to make it a good hight for the room, and to make it fit in the back of my car.

The hardest part, other than all the leveling was the joins. The room is ~126″ x ~111″ – and the STD Hardboard is only 96″ long each wall. There was a liberal use of wood filler to help join the two.

I’ll also get trim for the “chair rail” and quarter round for the bottom, but I didn’t add that to the drawing.