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UMG asserts copyright of “Slideshow from Lindsay & Matt’s wedding”

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Lindsay and I put together a slide show for our wedding reception and set it to music. I thought the Tragically Hip’s In View would be a good choice as it’s catchy and suited the slideshow.

I had bought the Hippopotamus album from iTunes, but because of the DRM on the file I was not able to use it in the slideshow software and actually had to download the MP3 version from a P2P service to make use of it.

After the wedding I posted the slideshow on YouTube and our web site.

Flash forward to today and YouTube alerted me via E-Mail that Universal Music Group contact had asserted their copyright over the song, and may restrict access to the video in certain countries or ” In some cases ads may appear next to your video”.

The video is still up and there appears to be ads beside it. Here’s hoping UMG’s more liberal approach to their artist music works well for them.

No More Pontiac

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Today GM Announced it’s restructuring plan which includes ending the Pontiac badge (No tears in this Pontiac heaven, Report on Many of the news reports referenced Pontiac being a sporty line….. if only some had told GM it was just supposed to be a sporty line and not another full-line brand (or told them that Saturn didn’t need to be a full-line brand).

Pontiac Montana
Pontiac Wave
Pontiac G3

Images from Flickr

Formula 1 and NASCAR Racing coming to Montreal and Niagara Falls Canada?

Friday, April 17th, 2009


A report on F1-Live and suggest that the return of the Canadian GP to Canada is imminent as talks are ongoing and all parties (teams, drives, manufatures, Quebec politicians and the FIA) want Formula 1 back in North America.

The article goes on to cite The Niagara Falls Review and Dean McNulty’s series on the proposed new race track in Niagara region as a possible location for an F1 race. At the very least it could host top-level North American racing, and one can hope that with the major backers being Kuwaiti national Azhar Mohammad and NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jeff Gordon (known as a NASCAR driver that loves to turn right as much as he turns left) the track should be interesting.

Here’s hoping!