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I won TFC Tickets

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

I’m excited and grateful to be going to the June 14 TFC against the Colorado Rapids.

I won by knowing Wednesday’s answer to “Who do TFC fans sing a tribute song to at the 24th minute of every game?”: Danny Dichio and Thursday’s answer to “What English team will the TFC be playing during this summer’s all-start game celebrations: West Ham United.

Thanks CBC news at six!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

I stumbled upon this new search engine while going through some server logs at work. SearchMe.Com is the best take on flash-based web search that I’ve seen. It’s actually useful!

Sakai to be Brock University’s next LMS

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

BrockU and SakaiI’m both excited and to be able to announce that Sakai will bro Brock’s next Learning Management System. Terry Boak, Brock University’s Vice-President Academic finally officially announced the move to an open-source Sakai-based Learning Management System (LMS) at Wednesday May 14th, University Senate meeting. Thus I feel I can now start blogging about it.

This new system will be based on the community-based LMS: Sakai. Brock’s new Sakai-based system will be built upon a cluster that will have all the features of a strong system that is redundant, reliable, scalable, and with sufficient capacity. More about the new cluster is available here:

The spring of 2008 marks the beginning of a phased transition to Brock using exclusively a Sakai-based LMS for the 2009 academic year. Instructors have the option to use Sakai right now and students may already be taking courses that make use of Sakai.

As of July 31st 2009 WebCT will no longer be available at Brock. An implementation plan has been drafted and posted at It should assure that this transition can be accomplished without incidents and discontinuities.

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies (CTLET) and others are already beginning the process of documenting Sakai and training faculty and will be posting updates here soon.

A contest to name the new Sakai-based system has been announced and can be found at – you can win an iPod.

Because of the steps, rules and accommodations we had to adhere to between the decision and the announcement we (Me, iMatt and we, Brock University) actually got scooped by another blog,, that probably read our non-announcement confirmation statement that we made to facilitate some presentations etc. and academic planning that needed to be done. That’s Brock.

Firefox in-page search tip

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Most Firefox users know about the super-fast in-page search (ctrl+F/Command+F) – it’s one of those features that have been there since Firefox 1 and prevent users from switching back to other web browsers.

Did you know that you can instantly search for any text on a web page by hitting the forward slash and typing that word? For example, you want to find “Firefox” on this page, you would type /firefox. Then the first instance of “Firefox” will appear highlighted. This slash search feature is really just a shortcut to ctrl+F/Command+F but it shaves precious micro-seconds off of your workday.