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Kronos Quartet

Monday, January 31st, 2005

On Thursday Jan 27th Kronos Quartet did a sold-out concert and Brock University.

KronosI got into Kronos because I’ve always liked strings and because they’ve worked with so many amazing artists. In fact, David Harrington DJed an hour of some of his favourite music over the lunch hour. It was a smattering of American classics and pop from around the world, including some very interesting Japanese music. Apparently he travels with at least 300 CDs while on tour, and it’s certainly not all classical.

The concert itself was very sonic. The final performance, On Scared Ground, just sounded amazing. It actually sounded a lot like the industrial/String mix of the tracks DJ Spooky and The Freight Elevator recorded. I’ve been combing the iTunes music store and the P2P networks to get a copy of it, but no luck so far.

If I’ve peaked your interest check out the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack or one of there better recent releases, Ghost Opera, which has a Japanese flavour to it.


Friday, January 21st, 2005

Mr. Bush was inaugurated yesterday, and as he swore into the office he wasn’t the only person on this planet swearing about his second term.

I am looking forward to the inauguration of Viktor Yushchenko on Saturday [Globe]. At least when Ukrainian elections have suspicious outcomes they hold new ones. Mr. Bush should take note of what happened in the Ukraine, and the recent peace deal in the Sudan [Mail & Guardian, South Africa].

This, Mr. Bush, is what freedom looks like when it is on the march, it’s not just about words.

So while the rest of the world tries to solve it’s problems without America’s help, and despite it’s interference, Mr. Bush presents us a speech in which he says the word freedom 25 times, and liberty 17.

Peter McOneLadiesMahon

Monday, January 17th, 2005

Go Pete!
Had a great time at Pete’s stag party on the weekend. As this picture taken after we left le Biftheque proves, Pete was making the most of his last few days of single life.

It was also good to see Mr. Mike Stewart!


Macworld and the new Mac explained

Tuesday, January 11th, 2005

The annual Macworld conference in San Francisco was held today. As usual Steve Jobs gave his keynote and proved why he’s always been Apple’s best sales person. There were lots of new announcements, here’s my take on them.

Tiger: The new version of OS X, looks nice, but I’m not clamoring for it like I was Jaguar.

Keynote 2: Apple’s presentation software looks great! I used the last Keynote a for a few presentations this year, most notably all my WebCT presentations because of it’s graphing and video features. Looks like it’s only get better. May favourite feature is when you have your PowerBook plugged into the projector your screen has what’s projected, your notes, what’s next, etc. on it. Keynote 2 is part of the iWork packages which comes with Pages, a new version of AppleWorks – which was a horrible program!

iLife ’05: New version of iLife that has a version of iPhoto that can be more than just crop and fix red-eye.

iPod shuffle: The new tinny, affordable, flash-based iPod to take on all the imitators. It was bound to happen.

Last but not least, the Mac Mini. I’ve created a quick flash animation to explain how (I figure) Apple was finally able to make an affordable Mac:

It was about time Apple addressed the price premium of ‘switching’. You provide your own screen and keyboard and mouse (which we all have kicking around) and get this new tinny computer to power it all for around $500. You can expand the RAM and buy third party firewire drives to expand the storage or add a DVD burner (it comes with a CD burner). With the Motorola built G4 long since paid for its development Apple can easily offer something like this desktop with what appears to be iBook/PowerBook parts. A very smart idea.

Google news goof

Monday, January 10th, 2005

Google News

Be on the lookout for this journalist!

Maybe the reason the article was a 404 error was the police got him!

- From Google News Canada [] at 9:10 EST.