Kronos Quartet

Mon Jan 31 10:46:59 2005 EST (-0500 GMT)

On Thursday Jan 27th Kronos Quartet did a sold-out concert and Brock University.

KronosI got into Kronos because I’ve always liked strings and because they’ve worked with so many amazing artists. In fact, David Harrington DJed an hour of some of his favourite music over the lunch hour. It was a smattering of American classics and pop from around the world, including some very interesting Japanese music. Apparently he travels with at least 300 CDs while on tour, and it’s certainly not all classical.

The concert itself was very sonic. The final performance, On Scared Ground, just sounded amazing. It actually sounded a lot like the industrial/String mix of the tracks DJ Spooky and The Freight Elevator recorded. I’ve been combing the iTunes music store and the P2P networks to get a copy of it, but no luck so far.

If I’ve peaked your interest check out the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack or one of there better recent releases, Ghost Opera, which has a Japanese flavour to it.

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