U2: Toronto: Show One, Monday night

Tue Sep 13 10:54:19 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

What an amazing concert (despite what the Toronto Star Says)! About three hours of music that the whole crowd is singing along to, a whole range of emotions and some of the best sounds you’ve ever heard.

Lindz and I skipped Dashboard Confessional and arrived just in time to catch their single. We were a little disappointed that The Arcade Fire didn’t open this show as well, but the band did walk on stage to Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up”. What a way to get a crowd charged up! Throughout the concert you could tell the band

On a technical level, I was impressed by the elliptical target shaped stage which is lined by those true-colour LEDs that all the big 2005 tours head (even Billy Corgan did). The actual stage is very simple by super-band standards. The sound in the Air Canada was equally impressive, you’d see Adam strike the snare and hear it at the same time even from the third level (though we were just in-front and to the side of the stage).

My favourite moment was when they finished “Where The Streets Have No Names” and transitioned into “One” by using their main video screens to have a child read the UN Charter of Human rights. Bono also ralleid the crowd to push Paul Martin to commit to 0.7% of GDP going to foreign aid, and I hope that the band spends their days off in Toronto working towards that cause.

Bottom line: Amazing show – even an art-hause indie fan would be singing every word by the end of the night.

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