Virgin Music Festival

Tue Sep 11 23:46:37 2007 EDT (-0400 GMT)

The Virgin Music Festival was an amazing experience. The acts Lindz & I saw (while not in Markham helping plan a wedding) were:

  • K-OS – Good, but I think he was a little overwhelmed by the crowd when he was try to freestyle (that or hung over and in 30′ heat)
  • M.I.A. – As crazy and high energy as promised. If you like electronica or dance you have to start listening to M.I.A. At one point Miya invited everyone up to dance on stage – at which point I think every gay man on the island was on stage. My favourite part was 20 dollar with the chorus from the Pixies’ “Where is my mind?”
  • Bjork – Big time sensuality
  • Metric – Good times, even demo’ed new stuff
  • Killers – I thought they were good and as always, the Killers thought it was good too
  • The Smashing Pumpkins – SOOOOOO Good! I’ve never heard Billy sing so well. Everything sounded great, and the even played what I was hopping for, Siamese Dream’s “Hummer”. Highlights also included a “Tonight, Tonight”, “Tarantula”, a Billy-only acoustic of “1979”, and a “Today” as an encore.
    The Smashing Pumpkins

I was disappointed with the organization. If I want a beer why do I have to line up, have my ID checked, as bartender where I buy the beer, leave the beer area, line up at the cashier tent, have my ID checked, buy tickets, line up again a the beer area, order a beer. Could have those steps by eliminated if someone wrote somewhere “1 Beer requires 1 beer ticket from cashier tent”. For the record, my famous Belgian Waffle (I turned around to a guy filming it and me) didn’t require a ticket.

Metric with text message thingLastly, I have to share my witticism. Throughout the event there was a scrolling screen on either side of the stage that you could text at $0.50 per text. I thought I got my money’s worth while we were waiting for the Pumpkins to go on when everyone got to read “Would james and d’arcy please report to the stage” (not sure what that means, google it). The guy to my South-West congratulated the guy to my West and said that he saw him text it and that it was really funny, it was when he said he had no idea what he was talking about that I took credit.

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