Free to good home: Home brew Air Con

Tue Sep 18 20:57:33 2007 EDT (-0400 GMT)

As you may-or-may-not-know my soon-to-be old place in St. Catharines does not have air conditioning, and particularly in the summer of 2006, this was not easy to deal with. To cope with the heat and humidity I took a leason from Geoff Milburn, former University of Waterloo, and formally famous inventor of the home-brew air conditioner.
Homebrew AC
Basically the system works by having a source of cold water, preferably with ice (I liked using 2L jugs with a little salt in them in order to keep them slushey) which you symphen through the fan and out a window and preferably into a garden etc (it was a little salt).

I don’t need it any more because we have real AC in Burlington so it’s free to anyone who can pick it up from Markham or BrockU. Does this homebrew AC make you green with envy?

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