What’s that great song from that Zellers ad?

Fri Mar 17 1:26:08 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

The Golden DogsWhat’s that great song from that Zellers start fresh for spring ad?

Answer: Birdsong, by The Golden Dogs from Everything in Three Parts.

“Birdsong can you lift me up from all of the wrong I’ve done?” is how it all starts and then that amazing guitar starts and sounds like, like, like a birdsong.

I first heard the song on the CBC and was unable to find it in the iTunes music store. This normally is the point at which I try to steal music through other services, but it can’t be found there either! I had to goto maplemusic.com which appears to be an excellent resource for MP3 downloads!

So there you are, you can listen this amazing song without Zellers getting a hand in your pocket.

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