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Acura CSX Short/DIY Air Intake

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

I’ve been looking for a modification for my new-to-me car to help make it my own. I searched around the forums that deal with the Acura CSX and the Honda Civic and quickly realized that the simple “bolt-on” modifications available for the Honda Civic don’t work with the CSX as it has a slightly larger engine that was borrowed from the Acura RSX.

I started to home in on the engine’s air intake as a good place to focus my efforts. An air intake that allows more air to pass into the engine can increase the power (a little bit), this is done by decreasing the amount of effort to draw air into the engine and ensure there’s always enough. Less restricted air intakes also tend to improve the sound of the engine by allowing more induction noise to be heard.

Some Acura CSX owners had tried applying other Honda Civic-intended air intakes, but they would tend to trip the Check Engine light. The solution a lot of owners were coming to was modifying the airbox top cover to fit a generic cone-type air filter. The modifications involved trimming away most of the cover’s plastic and attaching a standard 3′ flange cone-type air filter to the now exposed tube. This not only involves a better filter but allows air to be drawn from more locations than the restrictive tube that leads to the front of the car – this could be the cause of the cars not-so-great throttle response.

Many Acura/CSX forums detail this DIY process, CSX DRIVER (login required – probably the best how-to), Acura Forum and this YouTube video of an obnoxious kid.

Matt at OUCC 2010

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

I’m not presenting at the Ontario University Computing Conference (OUCC) this year, but I am part of a panel:

Birds of a feather: Changing Learning Management Systems

Other panel members include:

It’s too bad I’m not willing to be more of a Sakai zealot, because someone needs to do a conference presentation this summer titled “BlackBoard/WebCT: It’s easier to quit than Facebook”.

Facebook Privacy Infographic

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Matt McKeon has created an excellent “Evolution of Privacy on Facebook” infographic. It’s a great demonstration of how what was a great private place to share information surreptitiously became a tool for selling your information to marketers and disclosing your private information to the entire Internet.

The Evolution of Facebook Privacy on

Update: Friday May 14, 2010

It is worth noting that Matt McKeon’s infographic assumes a user has left their privacy settings at the default.  If you go through the 50 settings with more than 170 options you can eventually configure your Facebook privacy to be more like 2006.  The New York Times has their own infographic to explain these settings:

No more Hitler parodies?

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Constantin Films has ordered all of the YouTube Hitler parodies from “The Downfall” to be pulled down. They are all gone now, but at least a response has been posted.

I think the first Hitler meme YouTube video I watched was about The Watchmen. What was your first — or what was the best?