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Storm roles through Burlington Wednesday August 24, 2011

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

mattclare's Storm Wednesday August 24, 2011 photoset mattclare’s Storm Wednesday August 24, 2011 photoset

Here are a few pictures of lightning from the storm that came through Burlington Wednesday August 24, 2011.

How many unique words are in AWOLNATION’s “Sail!”?

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Many have heard me complain that I’m not a fan of AWOLNATION’s hit song “Sail!”.

One thing I often cite is how few unique words are in the song. I finally ran the numbers:

AWOLNATION’s four minute and twenty seconds song “Sail” has 85 words, but, only 36 of those words are unique!

Here’s how those 36 words break down:

sail! 12
my 7
it 6
on 5
blame 5
add 4
baby 4
maybe 4
lalalalala 4
i 3
i’m 2
is 2
should 2
this 2
how 2
myself 1
help 1
kill 1
different 1
listening 1
not 1
breed 1
for 1
a 1
an 1
in 1
made 1
love 1
show 1
mind 1
because 1
pride 1
sick 1
cries 1
angel 1
cry 1

Here’s the PHP script I used to do the analysis

WoPad Android Tablet: 1/4 of the price of an iPad, 1/2 as good

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011


Over four months ago I ordered a WoPad from, so far I’m glad to have the exposure to the Android platform, and for some tasks the larger screen works well. But, the bottom line is it does not replace what any of the Apple iOS devices do.

The Device

The best part about the WoPad is that with express shipping it costs less than $200.00 Canadian. The free Android operating system that Google provides allows seemingly random manufacturers to assemble a collection of hardware, add the Android OS and suddenly have a tablet for sale.

The WoPad offers a capacitive screen or pressure sensitive. I won’t consider anything without a capacitive screen to be a modern tablet, so I ordered the capitative screen so that I wouldn’t look like a cafeteria worker trying to punch-in a trays worth of food into it. That said, the WoPad’s capacitive screen is slow to respond, that or perhaps it’s ability to process touches is very slow, but more on that in a bit.

The WoPad also has an SD card reader, standard headphone jack, standard USB connector for external media, a mini-usb connector so that the WoPad itself can be an external drive. There’s also a micro-HDMI port (I have yet to test) and it’s non-standard power connector – however it will trickle charge off of the mini-USB cable.


The first thing I did when I received my WoPad was ask a colleague to “root it” and install the latest Android ROM that the WoPad would could support.

The ROM he used was based on this thread over at Using these steps

If it weren’t for my keenness to get the latest ROM it would have never needed to be connected to a computer. A challenge Apple’s “peripherals” have yet to overcome.