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Five Technologies You Need To Cover A Canadian Election

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Based on the election coverage I’ve identified five technologies that are needed to cover a Canadian election (apparently) – from highest cost to lowest.

  1. On-Screen numbers and graphs — WITH fancy transitions!
  2. Seat projection software – this is generally in second place, but CTV want’s you to know that they’re first
  3. Eyeglasses – for people you thought didn’t need them
  4. A Smart Board
  5. A Twitter account – and of course a so-last-election special E-Mail address

Vote Shift

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Sorry St̩phane Dion РI think you had some great policies and had some great ideas for Canada. But how one projects their leadership counts for a lot. One can lament that state of affairs, but at the same time a whole party, caucus or cabinet can bring forward policy, but there is only one part leader.

Stéphane was able to bring a lot of good ideas forward but often at the same time, in the same sentence. He also brought a surprising amount syllables to English Canadians. One of his best decisions was to form a pact with Elizabeth May because at least there was someone to explain the Green Shift.

The Liberals apparently still need to complete their re-invention, and in the end the election was probably a necessary step.

Canadians are left with the same mean-spirited, close-minded, and needlessly-combative government that promised to takeover and bring integrity to Ottawa and has so far done anything but. It’s small comfort that it will only be a Conservative Minority.