Vote Shift

Tue Oct 14 22:07:52 2008 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Sorry Stéphane Dion – I think you had some great policies and had some great ideas for Canada. But how one projects their leadership counts for a lot. One can lament that state of affairs, but at the same time a whole party, caucus or cabinet can bring forward policy, but there is only one part leader.

Stéphane was able to bring a lot of good ideas forward but often at the same time, in the same sentence. He also brought a surprising amount syllables to English Canadians. One of his best decisions was to form a pact with Elizabeth May because at least there was someone to explain the Green Shift.

The Liberals apparently still need to complete their re-invention, and in the end the election was probably a necessary step.

Canadians are left with the same mean-spirited, close-minded, and needlessly-combative government that promised to takeover and bring integrity to Ottawa and has so far done anything but. It’s small comfort that it will only be a Conservative Minority.

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