Stop voting for evil

Fri Jan 20 22:09:17 2006 EST (-0500 GMT)

A student journalist at the U of T asked Jack Layton that if he can’t form a government should his supporters vote for the lesser of two evils? Layton’s response was “Stop voting for evil!”

It looks like Monday will bring a conservative government because Liberal arrogance, inaction and corruption have caught up with it. Is this the greater of the two evils? Mr. Harper wants to remove gay rights, Mr. Martin runs for office on a leftist agenda and governs on the right (ie. a decade old day care promise!) The two major parties have given you no reason to vote for them.

I would like to ask you to vote for the government and policies you want. You’ll never get the kind of government you want if you don’t vote for it! There are lots of options to make your vote really count:

  • The Green party promises to be conservatives who conserve.
  • If you think the Liberals are thieves not just because of Gomery but because they own property – vote for the Marxist Leninist party!
  • If Stephen Harper’s promise to repeal gay marriage but honor current marriages isn’t enough for you, you also want them lynched, then vote for the Family Collation!
  • The NDP – I will be voting for the NDP because we need them there to keep the conservatives in check. The Liberal party will need two years to get their house in order and their credibility back: Canadians want to see them punished. A strong NDP is what we need to keep the conservatives in check. I think the NDP represent progressive Canadians who look at the government America has and knows that we don’t want to be in that kind of situation – borne of a two party system.

The point is Canadian politics is mired with corruption and poor voting turn out because there is no choice. Why don’t young people vote? Do they think their vote doesn’t count? Perhaps that’s because it doesn’t! Consider the last time you voted: Was it for the Liberals? Did you feel likeyou got value for your vote? Did you vote for a different party? Did your vote have an impact? I think most Canadians would say no to either one of those questions.

What Canada needs is a new electoral system and it’s parties like the NDP and others (to a lesser extent, the Conservatives – what’s the Senate done for you lately?) that are asking for it . We need to stop throwing out the majority of votes in our first past the post electoral system.

On Monday, don’t vote for evil, don’t vote out of fear. Vote for the Canada you want. Prove to politicians that it’s change that Canadians are voting for, not them. You have a choice, you have a vote, please, use them!

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