Steve Barkey

Mon Sep 11 19:39:55 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Steve Barkey died last week.

Steve BarkeyHe was a great guy. As clichéd as that sounds, as much as it seems like an understatement, or the praise that could be attached to any name – Steve made himself great.

He was the kind of guy who was always up for a good laugh and really wanted to make you laugh. Steve and a smile were never far apart. He wouldn’t miss a chance to share a compliment, an answer or a hand and always had an insightful point. I certainly felt like I was an important part of his life, outside of my family, he’s made the most comments on my blog. ( So you know about FireFox…., Goodbye Gentoo – putting the Fedora on, TechTV Meetup, Laptop Rearview Mirror)

The life that was cut short had all the indications of being one we could all look back on with pride, instead we’re left reflecting on a impressive overture followed by an abruptly ended first act.

There are a lot of things I’ll never be able to think of without thinking of Steve [and so much the better]: Pontiac 6000, Acura CL, creative ways to operate a car horn, Comm. Tech. @ MDHS, The Pumpkin’s Adore album, Sax-a-ma-phone, Win Amp and joy sticks, DELL’s offices, TechTV meet-ups, and many more things I’m sure to discover.

Lastly, to conclude my thoughts on a less serious tone; perhaps the most shocking thing about this is I never thought I’d refer to Steve Barkey and short in the same sentence.


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  1. Riley Raymer Says:

    That was beautiful Matt
    Hope your doing good…