TechTV Meetup

Sat Aug 13 15:22:50 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

I was at the OPAS conference at the Rogers Campus in Toronto for most of this week. The conference was OK, but I by the measures of what new did I learn and what change was affected by the conference it does not measure well.

MeetupOn Thursday before I left to go back down to St. Catharines I went the the TechTV Meetup at No Regrets Restaurant. It was really cool to see all those people there and all of the geek celebrities took time to talk to whomever was interested.

I was particularly keen to meet Leo Leport because I think that he’s genuinely motivated to just help people do more with their computers and not be at the mercy of them. He had varied an interesting conversations with those who came to gush, challenge and those who came from places like Detroit! I don’t think he even got a chance to eat! When ever I’m trying to explain technology to others I try to use Leo as a roll model.

Anyway, my photos are on flickr and I’m sure you can find other’s there too.

One Response to “TechTV Meetup”

  1. Steve Says:

    Yo, I didn’t know you were into this stuff. I wanted to go, but didn’t think anyone would be interested. I listen to Leo’s podcast every week.