Matt and Lindsay Engaged

Tue Sep 5 0:05:02 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Lindsay and I are engaged!

DSC00785b.jpgThis past Saturday (September 2nd) Lindsay was down visiting me in St. Catharines. We had watched repeats of tennis games all morning, at one point Lindz even commented on how fast my heart was beating. After lunch I suggested that we go down to the falls for the rest of the afternoon. Lindz thought that a trip to Chapters was a far more appropriate idea considering the amount of rain coming down, but I insisted and dressed in a proper shirt and pants while she slipped into her weather-appropriate LuLu-Lemon sweats, hoodie and baseball cap.

On the drive down Lindsay clearly thought this was an odd choice for a rainy day activity but I assured her we could see the falls from the dry car and she had the idea to go on the new fairs-wheel and to visit the casino. As we lined up for the fairs-wheel and I thought “just the two of us, great view, this might be the time” but we then got in our condoler only to have the AC system drip on our heads.

IMG_5389.jpgOur next activity was to visit the Niagara Casino and Lindz won $18 and was given a handful of change by some nice old lady who must have been a departing American tourist. I let Lindsay know that it was her lucky day.

I then told Lindz that I was hungry and that we should go get supper. As we walked past the car Lindz asked “where are we going?” – “I made reservations.” – “where?” – “up there.” was my response pointing towards the Skylon tower. Lindz latter told me that she had an inkling that something special was about to happen, but was pretty sure I wouldn’t pop the question with her in baseball cap.

We had a lovely dinner with an amazing view and when the waitress asked if we wanted desert I abruptly said no and waited for her to clear the table. I then reached into my camera bag and located the silver ring case that had been following me around the the trunk of my car for the last two weeks (not insured in my house) and showed it to Lindsay. I said to Lindsay that “I love you more than anything else [in this world] and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Lindz of course said yes and we kissed and held hands as the restaurant rotated us back in view of the horseshoe falls.

Once we’d had a moment our bus-boy brought over the cheque and suggested we go up to the observation deck. That’s where we snapped the photo below.

Lindsay Turko & Matt Clare

We’ve got lots to decide and this is a good place to get updates on that kind of information. We’ll eventually create a website to chronicle this whole process (I’m already templating it in my head). For now Lindsay is off to see relatives in Thunder Bay mid-week and I’ve got one of my most busy work weeks of the year to look forward to.

3 Responses to “Matt and Lindsay Engaged”

  1. Ben Says:

    Congratulations you guys!

    Welcome to the dark side — soon I will be awash in those who are in getting hitched mode! What a week – first Kevin and Brandi and now you two!

    You both look tremendously happy (and I know you will continue to be). Enjoy this new stage in your life — hope to see you both soon.

    Cheers and all my best,

  2. Giulia Says:

    Congrats to you both! I think that line about “I love you more than anything else [in this world] and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” is too much. I’m getting all choked up just copying and pasting it. Kudos on doin’ it with class, Matt. BTW, I am very disappointed to hear that Welland is one of your two-definite No-stay zones.

  3. Goldwin Says:

    Lindsay’s smile says it all! Congratulations guys!