Amy’s Wedding & Lindsay’s Birthday

Mon Dec 13 11:10:42 2004 EST (-0500 GMT)

This weekend was my cousin Amy Arbuckle and Bill Bradley’s wedding out in Kitchener Waterloo.

The service was in Startford and best described as short and sweet. The reception was held back in Kitchener and my aunt had outdone herself with all the snowflake themed decorations. The other amazing sight was Bill’s dad, who lost 110 pounds for the occasion! Speech’s were great, and my parents danced the night away. Of course Amy look amazing and I think the Clare family is pretty lucky to have Bill as part of it now.

Lindsay also looked very nice. She looked like a Kennedy at the ceremony! She also finally had a good chance to meet my cousins; as they got her drunk at the reception.

I wanted to have a photo up for this post, but I neglected to hit my father up for his pictures before I left Markham. (I’ll get one soon)

Sunday was also Lindsay Turko’s* birthday. After I sent her flowers at work on Thursday I wasn’t sure if anything could top my gift, but her parents managed to do it with an iPod.

All that said: I would suggest that the two topics that I am the most ill-equipped to include in my blog (so far) are birthdays and weddings. So all those that can give a better account are welcome to in the comments section of this post.

* Why did I include my girlfriend’s last name in my own blog? Because I told her it’d be funny if came up as the number one Google result for her name

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