Terror at Brock University

Wed Sep 20 17:23:59 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

media1.jpegApparently white powder was found in two locations at Brock today. I snapped a few pictures of the action with my phone and was able to learn a little bit from colleagues.

From what I can tell the two packages that were found, which I hear was “Protien Powder”, in the Walker complex and on the 12th (or 13th) floor of the Shmon Tower.

The interesting part was all of Brock’s web pages (including WebCT) slowed to a crawl as the world tried to find out what was going on at Brock.

I’m sure I’ll learn more tomorrow, what I do know is the Mackenzie Chown is four stories tall – so I’m a little worried about the CBC or Canadian Press reporter filed this:

The package was apparently found on the 12th floor of the school’s Mackenzie Chown complex in the heart of the campus. – Powder-filled envelope prompts decontaminations at Brock U, CBC.ca

media1.jpegThe CBC.ca article also goes on to say that “The building is home to the university’s faculty association and academic computing facilities.” which is true. This makes me worry that this reporter might just be wondering the odly layed out (it’s all on a 45′ angles, not 90′ angles with a ground floor with offices numbered 200+ ) reading off office names over a cell phone hoping to find an exit or stair way to the 12th floor.

Here’s offcial word from Brock’s communications office: Suspicious Envelope Discovered at Brock University Determined to be Non-Harm Causing

UPDATE: Looks like that reporter made it out, the CBC’s article now says:

The package was opened at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday on the 12th floor of the school’s Arthur Schmon Tower, located in the Thistle Complex at the centre of the university campus in St. Catharines, Ont. – Powder-filled envelope prompts decontaminations at Brock U, CBC.ca

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