One Campaign begins, another one ends at Brock University

Tue Mar 10 19:17:16 2009 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Rick Mercer saves VP Finance Stephen Pilar's head

Rick Mercer was on campus today to congratulate Brock University on raising more than $56,000 for Spread the Net, more than all other colleges and universities combined. Stephen Pilar’s, Brock’s VP finances, offered to have his head shaved if Brock University raised more than $30,000 for the Spread the Net campaign.

Before that Brock launched it’s new BoldNewBrock capital campaign and new look for their web sites. Lindsay and I plan on donating at campaign web site, as Brock has been good to both of us. We’ll have to wait a bit though, they appear to still be ironing out the bugs of the new website as it only responds with every third or so page load (so thanks for your patience).

4 Responses to “One Campaign begins, another one ends at Brock University”

  1. Rich C. Says:

    Brock’s getting a new web presence?

    Looks good, any idea who’s behind it?

  2. Matt Clare Says:

    Good question. Some third party, that’s all I know.

  3. Matt Clare Says:

    Hey, I just found out more, it’s all at:

    The answer is “Academica”.

    It’s funny, I’m listed as one of the committee members (and I was: from the summer ’08 work but I found out about all of this information after following the hierarchy of a URL sent from one of the HR training sessions sent today in ’09.

  4. Matt Clare Says:

    …. more updates.

    That URL was in Brock News in November and I missed it! My fault.

    I always find it hard to read Brock News because I’m not sure when things get added to the web site — to remedy that I’ve now got a good ‘ol Web 1.0 watch on

    Anyone is welcome to use the RSS feed: