Tom LaSorda says Chrysler Canada may get slim fast

Thu Mar 12 19:22:07 2009 EDT (-0400 GMT)

That's my younger sister modeling that first-gen Chrysler Minivan

That's my younger sister modeling that first-gen Chrysler Minivan

Tom LaSorda balked at the latest CAW deal with GM and refuses to accept the CAW/GM established contract pattern for Chyrsler. He may have a point, as Chrsyler needed a lot of help before this crisis came along. There simply isn’t enough capacity in the market for all three American automakers to sell cars which claim their major feature is nostalgia.

LaSorda suggested that if the CAW didn’t make more concessions to Chrysler, and if the government didn’t give them more money, Chrysler may leave Canada.

A Chrysler that leaves Canada is a Chrysler that is about to leave the market everywhere.

They’ve been in trouble ever since the Daimler merger dissolved: Their majour success in cars was their 300-based products (built in Brampton) and the Dodge Sprinter. The 300-based stuff was engineered from Mercedes E-Class technology and the Dodge Sprinter truck is just the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a different grill.

If Chrysler can’t put together a viable business plan (with the CAW’s help or not) the government of Canada should put-up money for financing a purchase of Chrysler’s Canadian assets by another automaker, be it Fiat or Ford, Toyota or Tata.

One Response to “Tom LaSorda says Chrysler Canada may get slim fast”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Maybe the big CEO’s of Chrysler should take a pay cut, I’m sure a few million will help the situation!!! What does LaSorda make annually right now? 5 million?? Maybe it is time they start looking at their own pocket books and stop asking the government to bail them out. They probably have a travel allowance of a quarter of a million. I don’t know about you but I don’t make close to that annually. Minimum wade here in Ontario is now 8.75 an hour or 18500. annually, seems like the big guys make more money then needed!!!!!!!