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Professionally Speaking

Friday, June 3rd, 2005

The first step towards a degree in Education: I’m on the cover of the Ontario College of Teachers’ quarterly publication “Professionally Speaking”. The magazine was doing a profile on the 40th graduating class of education students at Brock University. I just work at Brock, and graduated with an honours degree in Communications Policy – but apparently it’s all about who you know.

A prof who I had worked with was coordinating the photo shoot and knew where he could quickly grab some ‘attractive young people’ who weren’t dressed in black. So one moment Giulia (dressed in pink — and actually an Education grad in Brock’s 39th year) and I were working in our respective offices, the next moment we’re in a photo shoot for the cover of Professionally Speaking.

In the end it wasn’t a total free ride. When my parents received their copy (both teachers) they did not see their son since there was a cell phone ad covering Giulia and myself.

Click the second cover to see the larger cover.

Cell Phone Ad Professionally Speaking