SMA3 College Metric Weights and Allocations Dashboard

Adding to the dashboard I created to compare Ontario Universities’ metrics in 2020-2025 Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA3) I’ve created one for colleges as well. SMA3 will be governing Ontario publicly funded higher education provincial funding and includes performance-based metrics.

The colleges have 9 of the same metrics as universities, but swap in Apprenticeship-related (institution-specific) for Research funding and capacity: federal tri-agency funding secured, adding a second institutional-specific metric.

The 2-pages on this dashboard:

  1. Institutional Percentage Weighting of Metrics
  2. Institutional Notional Funding Allocation of Metrics

These weightings represent some interesting decisions by these institutions. What is not depicted here are the actual performance targets that each institution needs to hit, nor an indication of how much of a challenge that may or may not be.

When reviewing the weightings it’s important to keep in mind that SMA3 rewards consitency, not overperformance, and will punish underformance of more than 1% (in most cases, depending historical data the band of tollerance could be greater than 1%). High weightings in the final years should reflect the College’s confindence in keeping that area consitent.

The two pages on this dashboard:

  1. Institutional Percentage Weighting of Metrics over all 5 years, averaged by selection
  2. The raw weights for each metric over all 5 years