Ontario 2020+ SMAs

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SMA3: Strength and Focus

In the SM2 Dashboard I created, slide five contains what each university had identified as their Program areas of Strength and reflected their rank (deliberate or otherwise) in each university’s SMA document. Slide six added to that with Program areas of expansion. That exercise appeared to be much more about… Read More »SMA3: Strength and Focus

SMA development timeline. Completion March 31, 2020

Getting Ready for SMA3

The Ministry of Colleges and Universities are finishing their bilateral discussions with colleges and universities towards the establishment of SMA3. Consultations have largely concluded with sub-institutional stakeholders and now SMA3 drafts are circulating. March 31st, 2020 is when SMA2 expires and SMA3 is finalized. The University of Windsor has an… Read More »Getting Ready for SMA3