SMA3 Institutional Strength and Focus

The roadmap for differentiation and Ontario’s Strategic Mandate Agreements (SMAs) was first proposed in the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario’s (HEQCO’s) 2010 report The Benefits of Greater Differentiation of Ontario’s University Sector (Weingarten & Deller). Following the roadmap that was outlined by Weingarten and Deller (2013) the SMA framework… Read More »SMA3 Institutional Strength and Focus


Almost All SMA2 Metrics & Targets In a Dashboard

This dashboard summarizes almost all of the metrics and targets described in the 2017-2020 Ontario University Strategic Mandate Agreements (SMA2). These metrics and targets are all available on the MTCU website and other locations, but I have yet to find a comparison of system-wide metrics or compilation of the institutional… Read More »Almost All SMA2 Metrics & Targets In a Dashboard