Citations and Published Papers

Papers and publications notes

Not all 2017-2020 SMAs include numeric targets for citations and total papers published or per faculty member.

These types of targets can be difficult to set, measure and agree on, as Guelph University’s SMA comments: is worth noting, that the focus of the system-wide metrics identified in the table below – number of papers published per faculty and the number of citations per paper – provide a very limited measurement of the impact of Guelph’s research and scholarly outputs. The proprietary nature of the tool used for measurement (Elsevier’s Scopus), as well as, the methodological approach used to collect the data, exclude key disciplines and sub-disciplines, including those that are interdisciplinary in nature or those that produce scholarly output through conference proceedings, books, plays or other artistic performances, works of fiction, works of poetry, musical scores or artistic exhibitions. The impact of our research and scholarly outputs would be better measured by taking a broader view of knowledge mobilization.

The University of Guelph did not quantify their targets, simply setting “Maintain or increase overall impact as measured by the number of citations”. Wilfred Laurier University set their targets as “2% average annual increase, over three years”.

UniversityNumber of papers (total)Number of papers (per full-time faculty)Number of citations (total)Number of citations (per paper)
Algoma University290.50Maintain current levelsMaintain current levels
Brock University22950.79143766.3
Carleton University1.68.5
Lakehead University1.18
Nipissing University0.50%3.675
Queen's University2.358.7
Ryerson University14.5
Trent University3001.33
University of Ottawa1730013.417600010.3
University of Windsor1.16
UOIT (OTU)19001.390004.5
Western University165002.25152009.4