Passnerd on Citynews

Wed Oct 17 14:36:51 2007 EDT (-0400 GMT)

City News Passnerd
A while ago I created the website as a site to suggest very secure passwords really quickly (type the address and copy the password from the middle of the page). I was looking to find a small niche for a web site that would have very little development required, few ongoing costs, and no support needs, that could just sit on the internet and help people.

You may recognize the model on the web site and my bed-head and Garden Basket tie.

Thanks to my friend Ben who spotted my face on the October 10th broadcast of CityNews and alerted me on FaceBook. Amber MacArthur did a short story on passwords and referenced PassNerd, which is written up here.

The video from that segment can be found here.

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