Tue Nov 15 14:53:35 2005 EST (-0500 GMT)

Pass Nerd is a web page that will generate a random password that is unique to you. It’s a quick way to get a password that you know is random (as opposed to mouse34, desk12 and appl33) and it can’t be intercepted by hackers while in transit.

Other features of the site are a virtual password keychain that uses AJAX (the latest WWW fad) and one-way password hashes to generate random passwords for every site on the internet that are unlocked by your one master password.

RSS feeds of random passwords of various lengths (8 characters to 62) that can be syndicated to any site via XML.

Future plans:

  • Create a cut n’ paste code to have a random password added to your site.
  • Write up a random password guarantee that covers how no computer can create truly random information… pseudo random…untraceable, etc.
  • Move the logo/look of the site towards just the tie and away from the web site’s current model. Working with talent is too tedious.

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