iPod Touch price switching in Canada

Thu Nov 8 12:16:36 2007 EST (-0500 GMT)

I’ve been watching Apple’s web site hoping for an iPhone in Canada and debating getting the Wi-Fi enabled iPod Touch. Something I noticed today is that the Apple Canada web page for the iPod Touch (www.apple.com/ca/ipodtouch) reads “Music, videos, photos, and websites in 8GB and 16BG models starting at $299” but when you press the “Order Now” button the Apple store wants to charge “$329” (again in the Apple Canada store). $299 is the American price, and probably where this image on the Canadian web page came from, b this is a $30 price increase in a situation where the exchange rate would suggest a $30 decrease from the American price.
iPod Touch price switching in Canada

I took two screen shots in case the web pages have been updated:
iTouch Web pageApple Store
.. and a PDF print out here.

Here’s the message I sent to Apple’s web site feedback form:


The web page at www.apple.com/ca/ipodtouch/ (the Canadian web site’s link for the iPod Touch) states “..starting at 299” but when one clicks the “Order Now” button the store lists the 8GB iPod as $329. I called 1800myapple and 18006927753 and was not able to purchase the iPod Touch at 299 (in US funds because I am in Canada, and in Canadian because “their system wouldn’t allow it”).

I know that you are not bound by the Retail Council of Canada’s price advertising laws, but I feel that you should pay more attention to these issues given the current price sensitivity in Canada because of the loonie-to-dollar exchange rate.

Thank you

UPDATE: Looks like it’s fixed! I assume that means that Apple reads their feedback messages.

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