iPod’s iBack!

Wed Mar 9 21:36:21 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

New iPod Gen 4New iPod in 6 Days, that’s 4 work days. At this time last week I wasn’t reloading my iPod I was scrambling to back it up.

I don’t want to garner the label of Mac Apologist (have I mentioned how much I hate OS9?), and I defiantly wish my first iPod had just worked; but I’m impressed with how fast the new iPod arrived and the limited hassle and updates I received in the process.

I’ve got 60G+ of music because I digitize everything, so getting the music back is not a problem. What I do wish I had was my playlists and song ratings.

I’d also forgotten the caution the iPod gave me when I first got it. Oops.

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