Niagara Gorge Pictures

Sun Mar 13 21:27:39 2005 EST (-0500 GMT)

Winter pics As mentioned previously, I got a new iPod shipped to me from Apple. After my don’t-fuss-over-your-iPod-or-you’ll-get-obsessed-with-it policy failed I decided to get a skin for it. Unfortunately here in St. Catharines the only options left in store were pink, so I decided that this could be a flimsy pretext for a trip the Apple Store in Buffalo.

On the way back I decided to take a bit of a road trip through both sides of the Niagara gorge. I took pictures of the two power generation stations, pictures of the lake from the docks at Lewiston and the Brock Monument, then a quick stop through Naigara-On-The-Lake and then took some (I think) really cool pictures of the St. Catharines Dry Docks at night. These pictures reflect my own tastes for cool tones and engineering and monolithic subjects (Not that I’m any Ansel Adams, or Adam for that matter).

Winter pics The actual galleries are sorted by subject, and some of the tones don’t match because I played with the saturation for some cool surreal effects – but they break the continuity.


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