Laptop Rearview Mirror

Tue Feb 14 23:14:23 2006 EST (-0500 GMT)

My PowerBook and the rearview mirror

I can’t say why, but I’m always concerned with what’s over my shoulder — and it’s not just because it’s bad feng shui to sit facing away from the door.

To address this concern I built a simple laptop rearview mirror that will mount on the top of almost all LCD screens. All you need are these two basic parts available from Canadian Tire and many other places. The best part is you’ll have one for each side of your laptop as both components come in pairs.

  1. Toolholders (as pictured below, part 61-3936-0, SKU 3069917459)
  2. Pair of convex mirrors (found in the automotive section – choose your size – the ones that pivot are the best option)

Remove the wax paper from back of one of the mirrors and stick it to the side of the Toolholder. You may want to also remove the screw from the Toolholder (save it for your collection 😉 ) The rearview mirror should now clip onto your screen. Feel free to make another one.
ToolholderLaptop rearview mirror

One Response to “Laptop Rearview Mirror”

  1. Steve Says:

    That seems like a lot of work… I’ve got a few of these as promo gifts from suppliers at the office 😉

    Looks good – I’m a big fan of the overkill 😉