Saturn: Road legal again

Tue Mar 22 14:06:57 2005 EST (-0500 GMT)

The Saturn has a proper mirror again!

I had the morning off because I’m helping out with a class this evening. I spent it visiting some local junk yards and was able to get the mirror for $60.00 (before taxes). So that’s not so bad.

I started to put the mirror on and lost my 10mm socket to the inside of the door. I then drive off to Canadian Tire expecting to hear the rattle of the socket but luckily (I think) it’s stuck to the back of the speaker. Even if it was loose in there you’d never hear it over the other rattling interior parts of any Saturn.

With my new socket I attached the new mirror in the Canadian Tire parking lot, with some bonus insulation, in about 10 minutes.

What can be learned from all of this? There’s a definite advantage to non-colour cued mirrors on cars. All the Saturn SL mirrors are black. Also, sports cars with the small mirrors on long stems have those for a reason – mirrors have a large affect on the flow of wind over your car. Shealyn always thought it was funny that in F1 they mandate the size of the rearview mirrors on the cars, otherwise they’d just take them off. Lastly: whenever you can, don’t park your car on the road! (or on the outside of corners, parking lot entrances……..)

Saturn at night

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