Don’t look back in anger

Mon Mar 21 10:27:43 2005 EST (-0500 GMT)

Poor Saturn. :(

Broken Mirror

Saturday Lindz and I went out for dinner, a little mini-putt (for the record, she won) and then watched a movie at her parent’s place. The car must have been parked for just over two hours. When I parked it I let Lindsay out at her driveway so that I could pull the car forwards and up on to the snowbank — apparently that wasn’t over far enough.

So we cleaned up the mirror’s remnants from the road so no one would get a flat. There was a noticeable absence of another mirror, but very good distance on my shards, making me think the hit came from a light truck.

UnfortunatelyStandard Auto Wreckers junkyard is closed Sundays during the winter. (Standard is a great place, good selection and they have a good record of environmental concerns and community involvement – they also have my first car.) So I taped over the hole left from removing the mirror’s assembly and foam and rigged up a new mirror with a replacement convex mirror I bought.


This Migivered mirror worked pretty well for the drive back to St. Catharines, and I swear I got better fuel economy. I hope to make it to a yard down here in St. Catharines this week. The good news is the part doesn’t appear to be too expensive.

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