Democracy TV

Wed Feb 22 9:09:45 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Democracy TV

Formally named DTV and formally only on the Mac, the new version of “Democracy” is ready for both Windows and Mac users. Democracy is a an open source attempt at an internet television. It subscribes to RSS feeds and downloads the enclosed files, stores them and allows you to view them. Unlike iTunes, this tool is an excellent way to view video and it supports torrent files for fast downloads and a reduced impact on the provider.

The program was created by The Participatory Culture Organization and is largely a tool to watch Democracy Now’s (a political radio show) video feed. The Participatory Culture Organization also makes The Broadcast Machine which takes care of a lot of the work of hosting and producing video podcasts/vidcasts/feed.

I’ve been using this application for a while and blogged about it last year. It’s a great way to find entertainment and information and view it on your schedule.

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