Rogers High Speed Internet now Low Speed, because of Rogers

Sat Dec 31 10:59:28 2005 EST (-0500 GMT)

On Rogers? Using their Cable Modem to connect to the internet? Did your Bit Torrent traffic suddenly die? Rogers Cable is no longer a good service for downloading files from the internet.

This is because Rogers has blocked/restricted/lowered the priority of Bit Torrent transfers in the last week or so, as a welcome home for the holidays for people like me who’s parents’ use Rogers. This is too bad as I just discovered DTV for internet TV and it downloads most of it’s files via Bit Torrent.

Based on other’s experience posted at’s forums Rogers has restricted Torrent traffic so they can reserve more bandwidth for their new home phone service. A search on Roger’s High Speed Internet Page yielded no results.

What should you do if you are looking to purchase High Speed Internet for your new computer or you have something like Vonage or need to send file to or from work? Simple, contact your phone company about high speed internet. Rogers can no longer adequately provide this service.

Rogers slows downloads

UPDATE: In some Torrent applications turning on encryption will get around this, but you must turn off non-encrypted connections. An ISP (maybe Rogers does this, maybe they don’t) can just restrict traffic to places like

Here is a list of ISPs that punish Torrent traffic and the ammount of workyou need to do to get around it:

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