Don’t let the WMD hit you on the way out Rumsfeld!

Wed Nov 8 14:58:55 2006 EDT (-0400 GMT)

George Bush just announced that the current CIA director will become the new secretary of defence.

Finally, an exit strategy.  The democrats are being greeted as liberators!
Last night’s US mid-term elections demonstrated that American’s wanted change. The Canadian equivalent of the shift in leadership in the US Senate and House would (loosely) be a parliamentary non-confidence vote. The number one issue this year was Iraq, and the Democrats have no real policy alternative or vision for the country – they just know when it’s best to just quietly slink away from something. Last nights results was punishment for the Republicans, it had little to do with the Democrats that won.
With that in mind, Bush has wisely gotten rid of Rumsfeld and responded to a desire for change. This likely has little to do with Rumi’s incompetence. Bush can (as of his press conference today at 1:00) dismiss last nights election results as a lessons learned and point to the action he took [ question]. If only this was all happening four years ago.

My one other brief point on the US Mid-terms: When you see that gerrymandering that has gone on with the re-districting of senate and house districts in order to make incumbents almost unbeatable it demonstrates that the US is the last country that should trying to spread democracy. Now that Rumsfeld’s gone I suggest the troops be redeployed to start spreading democracy in a new gulf region: Texas and Florida.

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