What this blog is not

Tue Nov 9 23:09:36 2004 EST (-0500 GMT)

The imputes for my blog was all the blogsforbush.com posts I was reading in the run up to the US election. I can’t understand that xenophobic far right found in the states, and how foreigners and gay people make the average American feeling icky.

So I read some of the blogs for George Bush, and it seemed to be as much about the horse race as anything else, and I don’t think I was really reading the thoughts of those who left us in the Bush. But man, are these people angrily excited about it.

Here’s the interesting ones:

  • blogsforbush.com
  • raast.blogspot.com He’s right, he thinks Europe is stupid, and he knows what’s He-brewn’
  • Right Another Mac user…. And that’s all we share. Each post has Regan’s mug on it and he accused the ‘libs’ of dividing the nation. If the ‘libs’ are dividing America, don’t you think they’d take the bigger half?
  • RobertPhillips.ca Brock’s own rightie who doesn’t know why he was kicked off student council for posting an animated picture of a hammer smashing the word Islam. One thing he does know: Jesus loves*, Philips hates. * Jesus loves both men and women, but not men in that way.
  • Lastly, here’s Matt Clare, the conservative, at Tottenham ConservativesI Google my own name while on the phone at work a lot.

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