People leaving Bush for Canada

Mon Nov 15 14:41:15 2004 EDT (-0400 GMT)

US election: Too bad. Enough votes for someone other than Bush but not enough for someone specifically. Old News.

What I want to point out is the number of people who have given up on an American future based on rationality.

We’ve finally got confirmation that Colin Powell is gone, [] plus a few of this colleagues with lesser talent.

Here’s a survey from wondering Would You Move To Canada? from Friday October 29th. Here’s the results

  • Only if Kerry wins. 6% 3518 / 6%
  • Only if Bush wins. 36% 19467 / 36%
  • Only if Nader wins. 3% 1870 / 3%
  • Only if there’s a civil war. 9% 5279 / 9%
  • No, the idea of free health care frightens me. 10% 5827 / 10%
  • No, but I’d bomb it. 16% 8625 / 16%
  • Already live there. 13% 7135 / 13%
  • Already live in Ann Arbor, which is close enough. 3% 1992 / 3%

Lastly, there’s the one that’s been making the eMail rounds: You can’t find a full page in the gallery of Americans apalogising to the world where there’s not a Canada refrence.

So, Americans, here’s my recommendation: Move to NY or LA and pretend there’s nothing in the middle, buy all the West Wing DVDs and pretend that’s reality, or move to Canada. But in the end, we still have the same problem. That problem is best expressed by this site

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