CNE Air Show 2012

Mon Sep 3 22:28:19 2012 EDT (-0400 GMT)
Happy Face in the Sky!CF-18 refuels from a CC-130 HerculesHarvard takes from YTZCP-140  AuroraHarvard and.... Starfighter? flybyCF18 flyby
Last Import - 11Last Import - 12Ornge Air Ambulance lands alongside a Porter Q400 at YTZOrnge Air Ambulance lands alongside a Porter Q400 at YTZSolo Snowbird
Last Import - 17Last Import - 18Last Import - 23Last Import - 24Last Import - 25Last Import - 26
Last Import - 27Last Import - 28Last Import - 29Snowbirds in FormationSnowbirds in FormationSnowbirds in Formation

CNE Air Show 2012, a set on Flickr.

Had a great time at the Canadian National Exhibition’s Air Show. The highlight for me was the CC-130T demonstration. We had a great vantage point. My son appreciated everything on show and I appreciated everyone there to run around with him while I pointed the camera at the sky.

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