Canadian Auto Show and Military

Thu Mar 2 22:17:09 2006 EST (-0500 GMT)

The Canadian Auto Show is always interesting, lots of cars to see and a few interesting displays. The show is huge, spanning both builds of the Toronto conference centre and the SkyDome’s floor, but the show rarely hosts any new announcements or new concepts. This year GM had it’s new Camero concept and Honda showed off the “Fit” – the European Civic hatchback which is a great car, but I can see how it would weaken what Canadians see as the Civic brand.

Olympics Expo
GM did a good job with integrating their Olympic sponsorship into their setup and I watched (with my sister) the women’s short track final: America got the gold and Canada the silver.

The display that impressed me the most was the Canadian Military’s. On display was a pair of LAV III’s and a G-Wagon. One LAV III had its surveillance mast up and there was a large LCD display showing what it could see. The G-Wagon also looked impressive and should make a good addition to Canada’s light armored vehicles. The best aspect of the display was the positive feeling the display projected. Canada’s military has been so neglected over the years (both its equipment and soldiers) and it was great to see a force Canadians could be proud of.

Canadian Military Expo

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