Birth Blog Announcement of Alyssa Clare

Sat Sep 22 14:08:53 2012 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Alyssa Clare

My wife Lindsay were joyfully surprised by the birth of Alyssa Clare on September 17th at 5:41, 2012.

Alyssa Anne Clare was expected to be delivered by C-Section on October 9th, but showing the independence she no doubt got from her mother and the hurried pace she got from her father she arrived about 4 weeks early.

Lindsay and I did not know we were having a daughter until she was there before our eyes. We couldn’t be happier to have our little girl, and she completes our 2+2 family. The waiting room at Joseph Brant Hospital was filled with family waiting for the news, but her older brother Evan was the first to be told that he had a little sister. Evan has also been a good older brother to the “ba-by” sharing hugs and being the first to alert anyone that Alyssa might have lost her hat. Born at a weight of 5 pounds 6 ounces she needs to stay warm.

Alyssa’s four grandparents, two aunts, three uncles and many others in the GTA have all had a chance to hold her and she is well loved.

We’re excited for what Alyssa will grow into, and the experience of watching a baby grow to a toddler and older again but from a new perspective.

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Our private gallery of family photos has received upgrades in anticipation of Alyssa’s arrival and you’re welcome to visit it to see the latest updates if you know the trivial account and password.

P.S. It’s hard to write a blog posting like this and not think of a future hacker trying to research Alyssa’s security challenge questions — you know, when she runs for Prime Minister and people want to read her E-Mail.

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