Matt Clare Web Development, Inc.

Thu Jul 28 11:23:32 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

I get sent to my work E-Mail address a number of seemingly random EMails from Profs at Brock that go something like this:

I am writing to inquire about a potential project and colleagues gave me your name as someone to contact. I am currently working with NGO and industry to develop a………

In responce to extensive interest in my work, I’ve decided to draft a new company slogan:

Matt Clare’s Web Development: We don’t want your business. Please stop telling people we do.

There’s a whole department called Web Development at Brock to do this! I wish I knew who keeps spreading my name around, but I don’t ask because I’ve learnt not to get involved at all, or it’s my fault that they can’t find anyone to do the job. I generally latch onto sentances like “How would I do this at Brock” and respond directly to that sentance with “At Brock you would contact Web Dev, their extension is _____ you want to talk to ____” and I never end the E-Mail with my normal “If you need any help please let me know”.

I really like my job, I like who I work with, I really like working with academics day-to-day. That said, I don’t like St. Catharines, and I don’t do unsolicited work.

Now it’s on the record and Google-able. Maybe that will help with things.

2 Responses to “Matt Clare Web Development, Inc.”

  1. adam Says:

    So does that mean that you won’t have time to tell me how to put a background image up in wordpress?

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