More websites updates

Sat Nov 5 22:33:14 2011 EDT (-0400 GMT)

I’ve recent updated the main page of my website. Ever since Facebook first took off I’ve been trying to figure out how to give the various things that dribble out of my mind and are fit (or not) for on-line consumption a proper home. A proper home, might often have been my blog, but more often than not it was easier to post it to Facebook or Twitter — both for the shorter length and the immediacy of the tool.

To accommodate this I added my Facebook, and then Twitter status to my web site as the constant “first blog post”. This sort of worked, but still didn’t provide an ideal summary of information.

I’ve tried again, this time focusing on There’s a little more of a summary of of the blog, focussing in the titles and images, with some teaser text.

Further I’m hoping to write more on the blog, and more pictures etc.

One thing I still refuse to do is narrow the focus of my posts, that will still range from server admin, to ed. tech. to F1 and fatherhood.

Here’s hoping.

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