Ron MacLean saves a man, all I can do is make fun of him

Fri Jun 4 10:46:18 2010 EDT (-0400 GMT)

During lunch with Don Cherry in Philadelphia Ron MacLean responded to someone looking for help to save a drowning man by jumping into the Delaware to save the man who was apparently trying to take his life. Written up here:

My response was to make fun of this man who is national treasure:

  1. Ron MacLean jumps into the Delaware river to save a man while Don Cherry stands on shore and signals rescue aircraft with his jacket.
  2. Ron MacLean was able to rescue that guy because he is used to working with dead weight.
  3. Ron MacLean was able to be cool under pressure because he’s used to working with the man beside him complaining that he’s running out of time.
  4. Run MacLean asked the man he pulled out of the river in Philadelphia if he received a “brotherly shove”. The man asked to be thrown back.
  5. Run MacLean saved this mans life, but he was trying to take his life. Bud Selig, commissioner of Major League Baseball, has ruled “too bad” he still has to die.

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