Jack Layton at Brock

Wed Apr 11 22:29:20 2007 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Jack Layton gave a talk to students and staff at Brock today. He talked about the NDP’s post-secondary education act, and about the need to help working families get by. Did you know that 3/4 kids in the Niagara region leave the region to find work? He also pointed out that he once carried around a laptop and gave presentations on climate change, if only he’d brought a long a camera.

The NDP has lots of good ideas (National child car, housing issues, environmental policies, etc.) and a millstone of organized labour, but the issue that seems to be getting Mr. Layton the most traction is his stand against ATM fees.
Jack Layton at Brock University

As an interesting side note: I was able to pick out most of the CAW members in the room from their choice of leather jackets and hair styles (none pictured).

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