Apple Oct 12 Event: One more thing

Thu Oct 6 14:35:12 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Apple is getting everyone excited abou their Oct 12 event (Apple stirs product speculation over Oct 12 event, Washington Post).

Given that I was right about the G5 PowerBook never coming I’m going to speculate on this one too, we’ll see how I do.

The ‘One more thing’ will be a second core on the G4 PowerBooks.

The core of a chip is the part of the chip that does the thinking and the rest (the die, etc.) are the parts that get all the information in and out of it.

Others are predicting a video iPod, but that’s my guess. We’ll see next week. For now the best article is over at PC World, Hey, Let’s Speculate Idly on Apple’s Next Announcement!

UPDATE: OK, so I was wrong, but I gave it a try. It should be interesting though, now that Apple is getting ABC TV content into the iTunes music store it should be interesting to see what happens next.

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