Montreal F1 Race: They just love cancelling this thing!

Thu Jan 28 21:34:54 2010 EST (-0500 GMT)

On January 3 2010, with much excitement, I ordered three tickets to the Formula 1 race in Montreal this June. I gave / my billing information and bought three seats (and a program). My friends and I were excited that we got great seats in grandstand 34 in middle of Montreal’s best corner “the hairpin”.

Twenty-five days later I get an E-Mail from Pamela Rodriguez of that reads

“.. you filled an order form for seats in grandstand 34 or 11 in regard of this year’s F1 race in Montreal.
At the time we treated your request, there was nothing left in those grandstands either because your order got in late or because the seats you requested never were available during presale.”

I filled out a web page, it only took me about a minute, I’m pretty sure they didn’t run out of seats in that minute. The E-Mail confirmation they sent me seemed pretty sure that there weren’t any problems.

I’m left curious when in those 25 days did they run out of seats? Did it happen sometime in the next 24 hours and it took them 24 days to contact me, or realize that they ran out? Did they run out today and it took them 24 days to process my order?

I called within 15 minutes of getting the unconfirmation E-Mail and made sure that my Master Card had yet to be billed for the rescinded tickets and then bought a “new” set of tickets at grandstand 34 – where we’ve been before – but I can’t help but feel misled and disappointed.

If you are thinking of buying tickets to for the F1 race in Montreal I’d recommend dealing with a broker or just watching the race from home. It’s the only way you can predict where you’ll be this June.

What is it with the Montreal Grand Prix and cancellations? They seem to just love those things.

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