Formula One Race, Montreal

Tue Jun 14 21:24:05 2005 EDT (-0400 GMT)

Matt at Montreal F1 2005Last weekend I was at the F1 Race. An annual tradition my brother and I observe. This year Adam’s friend Matty came a long, and is the first person we’ve invited who knew the names before we left Toronto.

IT WAS HOT! Around 33 Co and very humid. We stayed in a camp south of Montreal, and I thankfully sprung for the power connection and brought a fan. We enjoyed cold beer on St. Laurient Street and drank lots of water during the race.

While I was there I used my iPod to record some interviews and sound-scapes for a Podcast I listen to, The guys used a lot of it for their June 13th Podcast.

I’ve also put together a gallery of the photos I took, but the record setting crowds presented quite the obstacle.

For the record, Kimi Raikkonen won and the two Ferraris completed the podium.

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